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Project Administrator

Aloha, Oregon 97003

Job ID: 58578 Industry: Executive

Project Administrator


The Project Administrator position is a new position and may change from time to time. It will require flexibility on the part of the individual who accepts this position.  This job description includes, but is not limited to, the following:


Pay and benefits: 
  1. This position has a salary range from $50, 000.00 to $55, 000.00.
  2. 3 Paid holidays: Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.


Time Card:
  1. Daily time card with high detail.  The Time card should be started before leaving the yard and filled in as work is completed during the day.
  2. The time card is for billing purposes only and not for calculation of salary or benefits.
  3. Additional reports on each job will be required for the purpose of invoicing.


The Project Administrator must have a good working knowledge of the operations of the company, the type and scope of the work that we do.  This individual must be able to direct, teach, and train in all phases of construction related to remodel, roofing, siding, decks, fences, residential construction, commercial construction and the codes related to such.


The Project Administrator must be a trusted friend, one in whom the highest levels confidence can be entrusted.  One in whom loyalty to Keith and company comes first and foremost.  The project manager must be willing to subjugate personal interests and desires, personal likes and dislikes for the good of the company.   This individual must have their personal life in order, with concrete goals and plans for the next 10 years clearly mapped out.


This position requires good written and verbal skills, as well as good people skills.
  1. Be able to handle irate employees, customers, clients, etc.
  2. Be able to hire and fire employees as needed. 
  3. Be able to tactfully overcome objections, answer concerns, and solve conflicts.
  4. Effective and timely reporting of issues, progress and concerns to Management team.
  5. Must be familiar with: Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  6. Good phone and customer service skills required.
  7. Able to build a team of professionals.


Represent Keith Green Construction, Inc.
  1. Work ethic
  2. Respect for tools and equipment
  3. Respect for fellow employees
  4. Be professional in appearance, clean cut at all times, and act in a professional manor which earns respect and demonstrates maturity.  
  5. Vigilant in running a cost-effective operation in all phases of your duties as project manager.


Daily written and verbal instructions to crews.
  1. Crews lined out with tools, equipment, materials, and directions to and for the job for the day.  Well planned out instructions re: scope of the job, and any special requirements for or by the owner or property manager.

Daily scheduling of jobs:
  1. Communicate to update the office staff on jobs in progress and scheduling new jobs.
  2. Keep Keith informed on job progress, potential problem areas etc. to head off any problems becoming worse.


Oversee the materials and equipment inventory:
  1. Supervise the individual who is directly responsible for the company inventory.
  2. Follow up to see that the shop is stocked properly, that the tools and equipment are properly maintained, stored, and inventoried.
  3. Proper maintenance of the tools and equipment are a critical element of this.


Over see the proper maintenance and care of the Vans, and trailers:

A)  Supervise the individual who is directly responsible for the maintenance of the Vans.
  1. Timely Oil changes,
  2. Regular maintenance
  3. Proper use, care, storage


  Time Management:
  1. The Project Administrator position requires excellent time management: Must be able to manage multiple jobs and tasks simultaneously, in addition to planning, preparation for future jobs, and follow up on jobs that have not been completed.
  2. Must make productive use of every possible minute available each day, and see that fellow employees are doing the same.
  3. Within 10 days of accepting the position of project manager, you will complete the Brian Tracy course on “ How to Master Your Time”, and pass a written and oral test to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts in the course. 


Personal and Professional Integrity:
  1. Must be honest in All his/her dealings.  With self, with friends and family, as well as with fellow employees, clients, customers, and employer: use of company time to do personal business is stealing and use of company tools, equipment, and vehicles for personal use is dishonest.
  2. Must be able to set the standard in the area of personal integrity and honesty.
  3. Speaking positively about the company to others is an important part of this position.  Speaking negatively about the company, either to other employees or individuals is a breach of trust and seriously damages the ability of the company to grow.


Sales and Customer Service.
  1. Although this position does not have any direct authority or responsibility for maintaining work load, direct sales, bidding jobs, closing sales, contracts, etc., 70% of our business is from repeat customers, and referrals from those customers.   Thus, Customer Service is the life blood of our company’ s future.
  2. The Project Administrator must be able to demonstrate the ability to maintain customers and clients in such a way as to further the opportunities of Keith Green Construction.


Company Meetings:
  1. Able to plan and carry out effective company meetings related to important company issues: Safety, Time management, equipment and supplies, personnel issues, awards and recognition for achievement, job coordination, daily assignments etc. etc.
  2. Be proactive in generating think tank type ideas from the rank and file, on how to cut costs, improve productivity, expand sales and jobs, improve employee moral, and working conditions for the employees. 


No Competition Clause
  1. The project manager must be willing to sign a no competition agreement.

Susan Victor-Reed

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