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Circuit Board Inspector

Vancouver, WA 98661

Industry: Skilled Trades/Light Industrial Job Number: 4635

Position Title: Inspector
Department: Production
Reports to: Production Manager
Principal Accountabilities:
• Become IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 certified and retain those certifications.
• Meet production requirements: Ability to read, understand, and navigate in Fusion documentation, Pass the Component Identification quiz, Run in-line washers, Depanel per work instructions, and In-process inspect accurately.
• Become IPC-7711certified if team indicates the need for more qualified personnel.
• Become Final QA certified and maintain that certification.
• Become certified in solder level 3 and maintain that skill level, as a minimum.
• Have fine pitch soldering skills to meet solder level 4 in-training.
• Operate either x-ray machines per work instructions, as team requires.
• Help to update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
• Maintain 6S standards and continually look for ways to improve processes.
• Be a role model by following and re-enforcing Safety, ESD, ITAR and QMS protocols.
• Actively participate in Lean activities and embrace change, as a minimum give feed back regarding changes to ensure stability and sustainability.
• Follow the procedures as defined in the QMS that pertain to your area or position. Help update procedures and work instructions as needed to match current process.
• Work in a manor that meets or exceeds quality level and production schedule.
• Use the MES to track time the status of jobs.
• Pursue relentless reduction of waste

Minimum Qualifications:
0 Knowledge of and ability to inspect to IPC-A-610
0 Solder level 2 skills
0 Inspect through a microscope

Minimum Competencies:
0 Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills
0 Good writing skills
0 Ability to work within a team
0 Basic computer skills
0 Be able to find the QMS documentation for your area and job.
0 Know where the IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 are located.
0 Describe the work instructions required for your area and job.

Preferred Qualifications:
0 IPC-A-610 and J-STD-001 certified
0 Prior Final Inspection experience in the electronics industry.
0 Prior Incoming inspection experience

Preferred Competencies:
0 Excellent interpersonnal skills
0 Understanding of Quality Management Systems
0 Access database experience

Core Values:
Exceed internal & external customer’ s expectations with the highest quality of products and services.
• Take Ownership. (TO)
o Exceed customer’ s expectations with the highest quality of products and service.
o Never pass along a problem.
o Acknowledge you are a role model.
o Safety first.
o Maintain clean and unobstructed work area.
o Maintain flexibility.
o Understand the meaning, cause, and effect of each of the Key Business Indicators.
o Develop key metrics, graphically depict and post measures.
• Embrace Change.
o Continuously improve Products, Processes and Self.
o Possess a " Can Do" approach to all aspects of the job is a must.
o Embrace the Kaizen and change processes.
o Engage in Problem Solving not fire fighting.
• Demonstrate Respect for others.
o Maintain a positive attitude with all of the stakeholders of SFE.
o Value and maintain positive personal relationships with co-workers, vendors and customers.
• Promote teamwork and cooperative effort.
o Promote communications between and among employees on all SFE matters.
o Train and give guidance to Silicon Forest employees whenever appropriate.
o Provide positive critical feedback to upper management.
• Maintain professionalism.
o Make sound business decision based on proper due diligence, research and data.
o Maintain unquestionable levels of integrity and ethics - in perception and in fact.

Core Competencies:
A. Job-Specific Knowledge and skills: Acquires and applies knowledge, skills, and experience to accomplish results.

? Keeps current with and effectively applies new work methods, skills, and technologies to complete work efficiently. (Embrace change)
? Demonstrates the willingness and competence to work in multiple, functional areas (Teamwork)
? Assesses situations accurately and determines appropriate action (professionalism)
? Identifies and utilizes resources effectively and responsibly (Professionalism)
? Plans, prioritizes, and organizes work effectively to produce measurable results (TO)
? Takes ownership for own self-development (TO)
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)

B. Quality: Provides high quality services, processes, programs and products while consistently seeking ways to improve outcomes and enhance service.

? Takes a problem-solving approach when faced with challenging or difficult situations (Teamwork)
? Proposes changes to policies or procedures, where appropriate (Embrace change)
? Uses sound judgment (professionalism)
? Consistently exceeds customer’ s expectation with High quality product and service.
? Work is thorough, timely and reflects the highest degree of quality (TO)
? Manages difficult and emotional situations effectively (Professionalism)
? Takes initiative in improving service, processes, programs and products (TO)
? Responds to requests in a conscientious and timely fashion (Teamwork)
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)

C. PROFESSIONALISM & ACCOUNTABILITY: Demonstrates enthusiasm for and commitment to the position and accepts responsibility for personal actions

? Organizes and maintains work environment to allow for productivity (TO)
? Complies with departmental performance standards (Company)
? Maintains appropriate confidentiality and respects the privacy of others (Professionalism)
? Communicates clearly and effectively, both orally and in writing (Professionalism)
? Demonstrates willingness to undertake duties as assigned (TO)
? Demonstrates willingness to accept shift in responsibilities due to the nature of the changing workplace (Embrace change)
? Conveys positive and professional image of work unit to others (Professionalism)
? Tracks progress or improvements (TO)
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)
? Demonstrates a proper respect of safety

D. COLLABORATION AND TEAMWORK: Supports a positive team environment in which members participate, respect and cooperate with each other to achieve desired results.

? Uses Problem-Solving techniques to improve products and processes
? Promote teamwork and cooperative effort
? Promote communication between and among employees on all SFE matters
? Collaborates with others to improve quality and address needs
? Builds and sustains cooperative working relationships
? Volunteers to participate in continuous improvement events, and Company committees
? Demonstrates a sense of responsibility for the success of the group or department
? Demonstrates a positive attitude in work assignment and interaction with others
? Recognizes strengths and contributions of others
? Provides leadership on projects and/or programs
? Train and give guidance to SFE employees whenever appropriate
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)

E. COMMITMENT TO THE VALUES OF THE DEPARTMENT & COMPANY: Promotes a safe and inclusive environment that provides for the open exchange of ideas and the virtues of integrity and honesty.
? Works cooperatively with people of diverse cultural identities, styles and functional responsibilities
? Demonstrates respect for the opinions and beliefs of others
? Works effectively with others in a variety of settings
? Makes ethical decisions
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)
Organizational Understanding:
? Represents the values of SFE to internal and external communities
? Aligns individual work priorities with departmental and SFE’ s goals and visions
? Visibly demonstrates care and concern for colleagues, staff, faculty, students and external customers
? Demonstrates a clear understanding of policies and procedures of operation; complies with and applies policies and procedures appropriately (Company)
? Understand the meaning, cause, and effect of each of the key Business Indicators
? Other indicator(s) specific to department (optional)

F. ADDITIONAL COMPETENCIES (OPTIONAL) - specific to the department, to supplement Silicon Forest Electronics Inc. competencies listed on this guide.

Employee: __________________________ Date: _______________

Manager: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬___________________________

Performance growth period: 0 30days 090days 0 1 year

Personal Goals: ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬________________________________________________________



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