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Shipping Clerk

Tacoma, WA

Job ID: 59343 Industry: Operations/Administrative

Local company looking for a SHIPPING CLERK.  Please apply if this typical day is within your means:



7: 00 am Up to 9: 00 am 

-Assemble driver' s runs - compute COD' s necessary.
-Total freight & FSC for each BOL being shipped for freight accrual report.
-Data entry on route-on-time Delivery of each E/T run going out.

After all outgoing runs are completed,  Manifest is emailed to customer care, inside sales,  and credit department.
-File all the previous days pick tickets.
-Remove the previous days shipped documents from the bin.

Then, when time available:

-Separate will call packing lists.
-Match BOL' s to packing lists to ensure all orders were shipped.
-If there is a discrepancy, research to see if product is still on the dock or loaded but not shipped and correct as necessary.
-Read & respond to emails with notice of will call that day.
-Print pick ticket and put out for warehouse pre-ull.

8: 00/9: 00 am to 10: 00/10: 30 am 

-Call all local customers with the ETA of their delivery window and number of cartons
being delivered.
-Data entry on route-on-time delivery of runs completed by our drivers.
-From driver' s completed runs, make a copy of the manifest matched to driver' s daily logs and pre/post trips and give to appropriate department daily
-Print pick tickets for pre-pull or " here now" customers.
-Have customers sign their packing lists after load out is shipped.
-Compute and take COD payments.
-Carrier shipments: As orders are pulled and staged, match up pick tickets with BOL for each Carrier.
-When carrier arrives, have them sign the BOL' s and put the corresponding pick
-Tickets out to warehouse for load out.
-After orders are shipped, match up packing list(s) with BOL(s).
-Copy each BOL for customer care associate handling that account.
-Read emails numerous times during the day and respond as necessary.
-May require research on a BOL and/or Pick Ticket, POD shipped via will call or by carrier.
-Research return(s) to the warehouse and pending credit(s).
-Data entry on freight accrual report for all shipments with freight & fuel surcharges.
Daily, and as time permits:
-Check in driver' s paperwork from previous day(s)
-Check for over/short, damaged and/or refused on delivery from each driver' s run.
-Verify COD payments and forward checks to the credit dept.
-Signed packing lists are compiled with the previous days shipped documents.
Containers — Inbound and Outbound
-Verify inbound Container' s coming from the port against receiving report.
-Sign out empty containers being picked up for return to the Port.
-Complete an inspection checklist for warehouse personnel on inbound.

4: 00 pm — 5: 30 pm 
-Key in the manifests for runs going out the next day.
-Prepare BOL' s as necessary.
-Check COD required or less credit 0/A statements pending from the credit department to apply to deliveries going out.
-Scan all BOL' s and signed packing lists from the previous day' s work to appropriate department.
-File original BOL' s and packing lists in the banker' s box for that month, each day being separated by date.

Daily/Weekly as Time Permits:

Service Calls/Returns/Credits:

-Prepare service calls as necessary for product returning to the warehouse from customers identified from the driver' s runs and on a TRO.

-Cn service calls with a completed return — complete an A/R credit memo.

-Forward a copy of the credit memo to the credit dept.

-Forward a copy to the proper customer care associate to determine if a replacement SO is necessary.

On Over/Short product identified from the driver' s paperwork:-

-Research as necessary. Forward to appropriate destination  to do a BIN count.

-Issue an A/R credit memo for product verified shorted to customer.

-Forward a copy of the credit memo to the credit dept.

-Forward a copy to the proper customer care associate to determine if a replacement SO is necessary.

As Necessary

-Prepare Canadian customs documents

-For Tacoma warehouse shipping

-For Mississippi warehouse shipments — prepare docs and email to them. 

Jessica Adams

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